Author: Neil MacIsaac

Key and Peele Discuss Keanu, Casting, and Being Badass

The transition from television to film can provide a multitude of challenges, most notably a loss of original purpose or direction. For Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the duo behind the wildly successful Comedy Central show Key & Peele, the initial motivation for their new film Keanu was simply to “have a Key & Peele movie at the ready … if anybody [came] calling.” Speaking with The Strand and other student journalists from across Canada and the United States, the pair, along with co-star Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton), explained that what ended up driving the film beyond that...

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“A Podcast Would Be Awesome,” Exasperated Student Journalists Claim

Members of The Strand masthead have unanimously agreed that a podcast would be a great endeavour to undertake, despite the obvious toll this will take on their mental well-being. At a recent meeting, many segment ideas were tossed around with social, political, and cultural themes, exciting the student journalists who would have to give up substantial free time to actually make this thing a thing. Features Co-Editor Geoff Baillie commented that he “[has] decent microphones for recording and [he’s] learning how to edit,” foolishly assigning himself leadership of the project. Various positive attributes of the podcast idea were noted: the opportunity to get more people involved in The Strand, to facilitate debate over campus issues more easily than in print, to explore what it means to be a student at UofT, etc. The final reason surely tempted fate most, as anyone could attest that the meaning of being a UofT student is pain and stress about excessive work and responsibilities, which management of a podcast could only exacerbate. Perhaps such folly has merit, however. Surely the podcast is beginning to mature as a medium, and during such periods the time is most ripe for an intersection of success and innovation. Outsiders and junior figures have always found ways to reshape the mainstream and revolutionize fields they tread into, unaware and unassuming. With podcasting, this could be The Strand’s moment....

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LOW Sucks: A Poorly-Timed Hot Take

As The Strand went to press, many fans across the globe were still in mourning over the loss of David Bowie. Regrettably, Stranded section editor Neil MacIsaac submits his contributions via carrier pigeon well in advance of printing, and thus his aggressive takedown of David Bowie’s 1977 album Low was received in a much different context than the one in which it was written. The Strand regrets Mr. MacIsaac’s insistence that “The sheeple need to learn, I don’t give a shit,” so The Strand has compromised by running the piece in abridged form, with endnotes offering our deepest sympathy to friends and family...

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Stranded Presents The Live Off Star Wars™ Challenge

Viral challenges: say what you want about thousands of people setting fire to their chests or drinking Smirnoff Ice, we can all agree we ache for more. They form some of our most lasting memories that shape who we become years later, no one will deny that. Viral challenges are a true way to establish identity and participate in a global conversation, since briefly ruining your kids’ day for the chance to be recognized by Jimmy Kimmel can be argued as a type of conversation in your fourth year Philosophy seminar. The only question is how to start your...

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“I Recall When I Was Small…”

There was a hierarchy of coolness quickly solidifying. I can remember sitting as quietly as I could on the staircase landing leading up there, now unable to remember if I was hoping to absorb knowledge by osmosis or be invited up to prove I knew just as much as them.

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