Mysterious giant rubber duck trophy appears before city of Troy

After a seemingly endless decade-long struggle against the invading Greek army, it is a giant rubber ducky that is ushering in a new era of peace for the city of Troy.

The duck, looming over the city, was left by the city gates as the cowardly Greek army sailed away. As the citizens of Troy inspected the duck, they were surprised by how sturdy and heavy it was, despite the light, rubber-like material it was made of.

It has since made a splash in Troy, with citizens from the furthest reaches of the city travelling to the city centre to bathe in the majesty of the duck.

“I’m just glad that the war has come to an end and that we Trojans will get to gaze upon this victorious fowl for the rest of our days,” said a passerby. He was struck by the enormity of the duck—the sheer monstrosity of the bird and how it rested so peacefully, but also seemed to contain a violent multitude.

Though most of the city has welcomed the duck with grateful and open arms, there have been several loud and disruptive voices. Some who believe the duck to be a Greek lark have taken to yelling down the streets of Troy, “IT’S A TRAP! NO ONE WOULD EVER MAKE A DUCK THAT BIG WITHOUT SOME SICK ULTERIOR MOTIVE!” However, the trophy is a duck, not a lark.

One such dissenter was so enraged by the duck’s presence that he threw his spear at  it. As the crowd who had gathered to welcome the duck watched in horror as the spear narrowly dodged the graceful trophy, two serpents rose out from the sea and swallowed the fool alive—serves him right for disgracing our city’s newest and greatest treasure.

The duck is currently being pulled into the city and will be displayed in its centre as a reminder of the strength and resilience displayed by the Trojan army. It is also a token of the city’s loss. The duck’s piercing yet mournful eyes are a constant and everlasting symbol of the countless lives lost in the war against the Greeks.

The army’s homecoming parade and victorious party is set to continue deep into the night, with the duck casting a delightful and constant shadow over the bright festivities.

It is certain that the City of Troy will stay strong as long as the duck, and its cheeky half-smile—the personification of hope and bravery— remain.