Welcome to Stranded


Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Strand Vol. 60, but more importantly (sorry Molly and Elena but I’m the star now), welcome to Stranded.

We’re living in a world that’s absolutely ridiculous and probably fake. Reality doesn’t make sense, time hasn’t existed since 2012, memes are politicized, and no one can tell what is and what isn’t fake news anymore. At this point, if the universe’s framework started unravelling into 1s and 0s, I wouldn’t even be surprised.

Nothing makes sense anymore and I’m pretty sure this game of Sims is about to be exited out of anyways. Stranded is the place to recognize the stupidity and absurdity of the world and to poke fun at it.

Everything is fake and the world is a dumpster fire. We might as well laugh while we still can.

Welcome, thank you, I love you, and good luck.



Rebecca Gao

Stranded Editor