Who cares when you have student loans?


  1. The TTC being late (again)

Despite both the TTC being named APTA’s 2017 best transit system in North America and the large black widow making its way up your nice new pair of jeans, it always feels as though the TTC breaks down right when you need it most, like right before an exam or when you’re trying to evacuate the zoo because of an escaped creature in the entomology wing. Just your luck!

  1. Three-hour lectures

There’s no telling just how poisonous the spider is and—oh look, it’s inching its way up towards your knee! But when you think about taking a six to nine class and then having to commute back home afterwards, the spider thing is definitely put into perspective.

  1. Overpriced textbooks

If you weigh the two equally, a $300 textbook is absolutely going to set you back on rent, but a spider bite is, most likely, only going to send you to the hospital for a little bit. Even if this spider is currently on your upper thigh.

  1. The good study spaces being taken already

Without fail, you do everything right: wake up early, ensure your laptop is fully charged, and get all your school supplies in order, but it always seems that every other student is a step ahead! Maybe if you had gotten that sweet spot in E.J. Pratt, you wouldn’t be here, with a spider’s hairy touch carefully tracing a path towards your clavicle. But alas! What can you do now?

  1. Running across campus for your back-to-back classes

The bane of every U of T student’s existence! That spider sure is showing all the telltale signs of aggression that you managed to google before your phone died, but can it really compare to that awful feeling of sprinting across the street from Vic towards Hart House as you dodge cars coming from both directions? No way! Sure, it may seem like the spider’s tiny yet deadly fangs are a more pressing issue, but the first class always runs late and the second one has attendance at the beginning, so it’s fairly even. If only there was a better shortcut, or even some way to deter spiders from piercing your soft flesh, maybe then you’d be less stressed for the upcoming school year!