Author: Hiba Siddiqui

The Beauty of Street Art

Many people like to visit art galleries and museums to enjoy artistic greatness. However, you don’t need to confine yourself to these establishments to appreciate the beauty of art. All you need to do is wander the streets of downtown, where you can discover beautiful, meaningful, creative, and inspirational works of art. Of course, viewing street art is all at your own leisure and free of charge. Who could pass up such a great opportunity? Some of the best places to view street art in Toronto are Kensington Market, Queen Street West, Graffiti Alley, Ossington Avenue, McCaul Street, as...

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From Cozy to Aesthetic, we’ve got your Café needs covered!

A unique spin on the ever-so-popular topic of coffee shops. Instead of just telling students where they can satisfy their coffee needs, why not tell them what types of cafés are out there? Innovative and communal: Caffiends Housed in Old Vic, this student run cafe offers fair trade coffee and tea with a creative display of student artwork and photographs. The welcoming arrangement also makes for a great place to socialize! Cozy and spacious: Diabolos’ Coffee Bar University College’s iconic coffee bar offers fair trade coffee and light meals. It is attached to the junior common room: providing ample...

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More than just architecture

Someone once told me that the architectural surroundings within a city have a tremendous amount of influence on the people living there; I completely agree with this statement. The way buildings are designed and constructed are crucial to the atmosphere of any given place. The intricate details of a ceiling, the beauty of crafted doorways, or even the colour of bricks can have either a positive or negative influence on us. It is truly fascinating to see how something so minute, such as a well-designed library or an elaborate hallway, can impact us so greatly. One of the main...

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