Shakespeare on Twitter: the evolution of internet-speak

It can be said that at the heart of the controversy about “proper” language lies a simple white notebook with the words “Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet” printed in black Helvetica. To understand why this notebook is so important, we need to understand the culture in which it was made. Internet communication—like Twitter—is an ever-increasing…


Explaining The UTSU’s 1,975 Overtime Hours Problem

The University of Toronto Students’ Union was the subject of more controversy than usual this past week with its filing of a lawsuit against former executive figures. Charges of civil fraud against the UTSU’s former executive director, president, and vice-president internal and services were reported by The Varsity on September 24. The UTSU allege a loss…

The Ongoing Fight over Planned Parenthood

The Republican Party introduced the Continuing Appropriations Resolution of 2016 in early September, hoping to block government funding of Planned Parenthood for one year. Although the bill never made it past the Republican-controlled Senate, failing by a final vote of 47-52, debate over the organization continues. Controversy around Planned Parenthood first began to escalate in…

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