Caffiends shot

What’s brewing at Caffiends

Discreetly housed in Old Vic, Caffiends is occasionally dubbed Victoria College’s best-kept secret. Between the loyal crowd of regulars and a steady stream of new visitors, it’s safe to say that the secret’s out. On Monday, the cafe re-opened after its annual summer hiatus and introduced a variety of changes that promise to make this…


UTSU Releases List of UTSU Fest Concert Performers Who Almost Agreed To Play UTSU Fest Concert 2016 As Some Kind Of Consolation

Each year, University of Toronto frosh are forced to passively discuss who may be this year’s UTSU Fest Concert performer, a question eclipsed in apathy only by “How’s the dining hall food?” and “What do you plan on doing with that degree?” While we may never know the answer to such queries, we can unhelpfully provide…


Welcome to the University You

While starting university is an exciting and effervescent experience, it is undeniably overwhelming. You have more than enough voices telling you that it’s going to be the best time of your life, coupled with an onslaught of daily notifications from a confusing amount of university-affiliated websites. There’s this rush of freedom, but also a complete…