O Canada: The time for timidity has passed

I first heard of the Leap Manifesto in an issue of Maclean’s titled, “How to Kill the NDP.” That was April 2016, almost a year after a coalition of environmental, Indigenous rights, labour, social justice, and other activist movements began discussion on what was too quickly becoming an object of ridicule for much of the mainstream media. The conference was organized by activist Naomi Klein,…

An Interview with Jon Favreau

September 8th, 2020—Longtime Stranded Contributor Wilfred Moeschter lands an exclusive interview with the infamous Disney director Jon Favreau discussing his latest live action reboot: Finding Nemo. Take a look at what the director had to say about his actors, eating with his actors, eating his actors, and his new take on a Pixar classic: The…

Illustration | Yilin Zhu

Memories of Nuit Blanche

The Strand recalls Toronto’s annual all-night contemporary art festival A Starry, Sleepless Night By: Emma Lailey Admiring video installations along Toronto’s Harbour Front at one in the morning, hand in hand with old high school friends while catching up quietly was the sum of my first Nuit Blanche experience. Decked out in chic fashion (with comfortable…