Liberating gender

I am sure most of us are aware of how privileged we are to live in a city as tolerant and progressive as Toronto. Coming into contact with people from countless different backgrounds and cultures on a daily basis makes it abundantly clear that our beloved city has the...
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VUSAC 2017 Spring Elections: Who’s running?

The Strand officially presents students with every candidate’s platforms on one convenient page

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Date The Strand!

Do you want to date The Strand? Of course you do! Now accepting applications at our office—we’re serious, call us.

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Where truth begins: Starting reconciliation efforts from a place of honesty at the University of Toronto

A discussion with Traditional Teacher Lee Maracle and various voices of Indigenous Education Week 2017 on the “calls to action” in the UofT Truth and Reconciliation Steering Committee’s final report

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NMC-CESI Food Festival: A family gathering

On March 25th, 2017, the Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations—Cultural Exchange and Support Initiative, otherwise known as NMC-CESI, hosted the Syrian Food Festival in the Cat’s Eye. In the first half of the workshop, Rasha Elendari, NMC-CESI’s...

REDress Project Demands Contemplation at UofT

From March 16th to March 22nd, the University of Toronto played host to Jaimie Black’s REDress Project art installation. Red dresses hung from trees to serve as a reminder of the 12,000 missing and murdered Indigenous women across North America. As of late March, the...

A poet’s exploration of framework and memories: An interview with Mihaela Vacarciuc

Victoria College is home to many skilled, creative artists. With its reputation for having ambitious and driven students, it is no surprise that Victoria College has produced some of the most influential writers, literary critics, and scholars in Canada. The Strand...
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Ten Toronto coffee shops perfect for studying—and your Instagram

Ten coffee shops in walking distance from campus you need be studying and ‘gramming

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Making friends in university: On-campus vs. Off-campus living

The university experience is one entirely determined by the individual circumstances of a student. Are you an international student? Are you a member of on-campus communities? Do you attend your classes often? Do you live on residence? Have you joined any sports teams...
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Professor profiles: An interview with Anne Urbancic of Victoria College

Professor Anne Urbancic is the first Professor to be featured in a mini-series of interviews with various staff and faculty members at Victoria College and UofT. In past years, she has been a member of the Department of Italian Studies; today, she is Victoria...
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Love146 and NCSC present 2017’s The Red and Blue Gala

Annual gala held at Hart House to raise funds and awareness for human trafficking

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It happened to me

It happened to me

I've become the parody of student journo and this is My Story The nostalgia you develop in the midst of finishing your undergraduate degree is very real—let me tell you. I keep running my hands along the sides of railings in Old Vic and pausing in the middle of the...

We’re still relevant!

Looking back over the past few volumes of The Strand, one may notice a common theme among the final editorials offered by each outgoing EIC. One tends to offer a heartfelt, teary-eyed reflection of the past year, while the other talks about how we, as student journalists, are somehow Still Relevant.

Arts & Culture


A brief review of 2016’s major scientific leaps

As this volume of The Strand comes to an end, let's recap some of the biggest scientific events in the tumultuous year of 2016.   GRAVITATIONAL WAVES   Perhaps the biggest news out of physics in 2016, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory’s...

Humans may have helped create the Sahara Desert

Humans may have helped create the Sahara Desert

From paleontological records to the earliest artistic depictions of the humans that lived there, the consensus is that the Sahara was once a wetter and more humid place, during the “African Humid Period.” So, what happened?

Film & Music


Hypercritical review of Drake’s More Life

Hypercritical review of Drake’s More Life

From the perspective of a dude who interrupted me and my friends at a bar Illustration by Lynn Hong You know, I just don’t get excited about music anymore. It seems like More Life is the only album that will really matter for the next two to three weeks, right?...