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What’s in a Name? 

Names matter, regardless of what Juliet might think—a One program stream name reflects the underlying ideals of the program itself. Since the introduction of the One programs, a principle was founded in establishing opportunities for first year students to thoughtfully engage in small class size discussions to explore the inter-connectivity of academic streams. This academic…


REVIEW: Everybody Wants Some

On March 24, the TIFF Bell Lightbox held an advance screening of Richard Linklater’s newest film, entitled Everybody Wants Some. Linklater was present for a discussion on his career before introducing the film, and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. Set in 1980, Everybody Wants Some follows baseball player Jake Bradford (Blake Jenner)…


Come to the movies, just be on time

Modern audiences aren’t used to many rules around attending movies, but they used to be much more common. When Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho was being advertised, Hitchcock made it clear that no one would be allowed to enter the theatre after the show had started. To emphasize the late policy, advertisements for the film said, “Surely…


St. Mike’s last show, Asuncion, runs on unapologetically sharp and borderline discomfiting satire

Jesse Eisenberg’s comedy Asuncion opened at the Luella Massey Studio Theatre. It was produced by the SMC Troubadours and directed by Veronika Gribanova. The play is about Edgar Hirschhorn (James Hyett), a self-styled journalist who lives a socially conscious—perhaps more accurately a socially self-conscious—life on the living room floor of his former TA Vinny’s (Kirk Munroe)…

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The Tale of the Four Circles

Nighttime. A father sits on his young daughter’s bed. She is snuggled under the covers, blinking innocently. Soft light. Crickets chirp. Father: All right, Sally, time for your bedtime story. Tonight’s is “The Tale of the Four Circles.” Are you listening, Sally? It’s a very important story. Sally: Oh yes, Father, I’m listening! Sally’s bright…