Author: Genevieve Wakutz

No Tail, No Reason

Making a bee-line for the back of the pet store, I spotted the puppies sleeping in their newspaper-strewn areas, with litters separated by small glass walls. When I saw one particularly cute chocolate-brown ball of fur, I asked to hold him, and instantly fell in love with a puppy who was tiny, cuddly, and fit in one hand. Hogan is a cockapoo, one of today’s designer breeds, with a tiny body that makes him very portable and easy to manage. On his first night home, when a harmless blueberry dropped to the floor in the kitchen, he instantly jumped...

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Humans of Vic

“I had midterms for the past six weeks, and there’s still two more to do.” “It’s very liberating to be able to do things on your own and not care what anyone else thinks. Honestly, I feel like a lot of the things we do with other people we’re actually just experiencing by ourselves. Like, if you go to a concert with a friend who isn’t as interested or excited as you are, you end up dancing by yourself and connecting with the music by yourself. It doesn’t feel too different. Being alone is underrated; I think more people should embrace it.” “In class we were talking about pickles and fermented foods, and by the end of the lecture, the prof asked if we wanted to bring the food home. And I like beets, so yeah, I already ate some.” When I was younger I wanted to be an author. I devoured books, and I remember the first book that made me love reading was historical fiction ; it was about Anastasia Romanov in the World Diaries series. It was a diary written from her point of view, and I remember I got it for Christmas, and after I read it I could never put down any other book after that. I’m still taking history and English, which are subjects I’m really passionate about. I never tried to box myself in with things that would make me unhappy; I always...

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