Author: Carol Eugene Park

A poet’s exploration of framework and memories: An interview with Mihaela Vacarciuc

Victoria College is home to many skilled, creative artists. With its reputation for having ambitious and driven students, it is no surprise that Victoria College has produced some of the most influential writers, literary critics, and scholars in Canada. The Strand sat down with third-year, Mihaela Vacariuc, also known as Michelle, and discussed her journey as a poet; her producing two poetry books and exploring the framework of perception.  The Strand: Tell me a little about Jam and Mint Leaves. What motivated you to produce these poetry books? Mihaela Vacarciuc: I’ve been writing since I was ten. I think I was finally ready to share my poetry with people because I never shared my poetry or my writing in general. One day, I thought that maybe they have some value beyond what I think, and I might as well put it in book format, and share it. TS: How long have you been writing poetry for? What is your main source for inspiration? MV: Mint Leaves took four days to put together, without sleep. Once you immerse yourself into something you like, it’s a moment of flow. The idea came from a debate of reader interpretation; the death of author and birth of the reader. I’ve always been of the opinion that knowing the writer’s biography gives you more insight into the writing. My roommate is of the opposite...

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VUSAC elections 2017: Zahavah Kay, Presidential candidate

Photo provided by Zahavah Kay The Strand sat down with Zahavah Kay to discuss her presidential platform, and her potential solutions to change VUSAC’s negative reputation.   The Strand: Why do you feel you are qualified to run for VUSAC president?   Zahavah Kay: I think that I’ve gained a lot of experience as Scarlett and Gold commissioner. I tried to be involved not just in portfolio of event planning but also, to be engaged politically with the process. I think the thing about student politics is that you don’t have to have been part of it to succeed. I...

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VUSAC elections 2017: Blánaid McNally, Arts and Culture candidate

Blánaid McNally, Arts and Culture Commissioner candidate, shared the things she would like included in her arts and culture portfolio—providing insight on past experiences of leadership and teamwork.    The Strand: What makes you a qualified candidate for Arts and Culture commissioner?  Blánaid McNally: I’ve participated in a lot of commissions over my years at Vic. I’ve always worked as part of a team; I was on Highball committee this year, APD committee for two years which is a new initiative that started up, and I liked the event planning under those committees. I have done Vic Aesthetics, make...

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VUSAC revises constitution, removing co-presidency

During VUSAC’s meeting on January 20th, 2017, council discussed the rationale behind removing co-presidency and reinstating a single president. VUSAC co-president, Stuart Norton, explained that co-presidency was a reaction to the heavy workload. He stated that the solution to the problem should have been in reallocating the workload to the vice-presidents, instead of splitting work and opportunities in half. A straw poll was taken and the majority of council agreed upon removing co-presidency. VUSAC co-president, Rahul Christoffersen, was absent from the preliminary meeting that discussed the removal of co-presidency. The proposal for VUSAC co-presidency was briefly discussed in the...

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Be your own valentine

Don’t be afraid to celebrate self-love on February 14th     Over the years, the “trending topics” on Twitter have become a broken record. Users can expect to see reoccurring hashtags associated with a specific month featured on their Twitter feeds. For example, every March, one reoccurring hashtag is #StPatricksDay and in May, it is #MothersDay. In February, #WhyImSingle and #SinglesAwarenessDay (#SAD) primarily dominates Twitter’s trending topics on days approaching February 14th. It’s as if Millennials on Twitter who use hashtags prepare for their Valentine’s Day related tweets in advance. Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a fixed date on the Western calendar on which individuals who believe in its importance make extra...

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