Author: Annie Truuvert

What it Means to be Called ‘Asian’

The importance of thinking more carefully about our language In early June, a student posted a video of a woman yelling at Chinese workers in a Scarborough Foody Mart. The woman can be heard saying, “Go back to China,” and repeating that it is the law to know English if you work in Canada—a claim which is untrue for private businesses. Racist verbal abuse isn’t always so blatant, but it is all too common, and the majority of racist comments don’t make the news. I’ve received blatantly racist and careless remarks my whole life. In my driver’s education course, a couple of years back, my teacher randomly pointed to every five students to demonstrate a statistic of those who will experience car crashes, and when he pointed at me, one student exclaimed, “Of course the Asian one will!” However, being mixed-race, I see issues of race through a rather unique lens. People say things to or in front of me that they would not say to a fully-white or a fully-Asian person. I think that even mildly racist or thoughtless comments about East Asians sit in such an uncomfortable spot for me because my identification with the term “Asian” is seen as being up for debate. When you are white, or you pass as white, you have the privilege of not having to constantly define and justify yourself to...

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Re-examining the “good guys” of history: lessons learned from Charlottesville

Re-examining the “good guys” of history: lessons learned from Charlottesville Perhaps statues are not the most effective way to teach balanced and critical history Annie Truuvert On August 12th, 2017, anti-racist protesters marched through Charlottesville, Virginia. They asked for the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, the leader of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. White supremacist groups clashed with the protestors and James Alex Fields was charged with second-degree murder, after forcing his car through the crowd and killing a thirty-two-year-old woman named Heather Heyer. Courts ordered for the removal of the Robert E....

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