Blánaid McNally, Arts and Culture Commissioner candidate, shared the things she would like included in her arts and culture portfolio—providing insight on past experiences of leadership and teamwork. 


The Strand: What makes you a qualified candidate for Arts and Culture commissioner? 

Blánaid McNally: I’ve participated in a lot of commissions over my years at Vic. I’ve always worked as part of a team; I was on Highball committee this year, APD committee for two years which is a new initiative that started up, and I liked the event planning under those committees. I have done Vic Aesthetics, make up for VCDS, and the Vic’s fashion show for two years. I have also acted in VCDS. [Arts and Culture] is the area I am most interested in.


TS: Is there anything that you would like change within the A&C portfolio? 

BM: I was thinking about re-introducing the Blue Moon café which Sumeeta had going two years ago. I really want to start my own committee—they’re informative and great stepping-stones to see how councillors run things at VUSAC.


TS: How will you manage time between school, VUSAC and other commitments?  

BM: It’s my fourth year. I’m ahead on my courses because I did summer school. I’m definitely willing to take on the role of VUSAC, and that would be my biggest commitment. I would keep up with regular commitments like the environmental fashion show and VCDS, starting Vic Aesthetic, and continuing to get involved in subsections. But I would assume I would have a lot of time on my hands.


TS: All of the positions this year are uncontested. How do you think that affects the public opinion of the cliquey-ness of VUSAC? 

BM: I’ve never been on VUSAC though I’m quite familiar with it because I’ve been involved with the commissions and know a lot of people on VUSAC. I can understand where the reputation comes from. I think it’s about restructuring VUSAC and its reputation, starting that during frosh week, and making sure people know that VUSAC is there for them, that it’s an accessible space. It would be amazing to have a bunch of first-years running as councillors like two years ago, something needs to be done about that. I keep referring back to the idea of having a commission. If I could get 8 people on the team who have never been on VUSAC, that’s an extra 8 people who get to know about the workings of VUSAC, who can construct a better reputation. I would love to have people on my team helping with Arts and Culture themed events and getting exposed to VUSAC. There’s lots of room [in VUSAC].