On March 26th, Chief Returning Officer, Taylor Cenac released the results of the VUSAC Spring 2017-2018 elections. Each position ran unopposed, and each candidate was elected to their preferred position on the council. The CRO counted all spoiled votes as “no votes” for all uncontested positions, but not on contested positions.


405 students voted in the election, representing 12% of the Victoria College population. For any election or referendum results to be considered valid, there must be a quorum of 15%. The current VUSAC council will have to vote on the suggested referendums by VicPride!, Victoria College Athletic Association, and VicXposure, and ratify the VUSAC, Board of Regents, Victoria College Council, and Victoria University Senate election results.


The results were posted on VUSAC’s website and within the Facebook group, VUSAC Elections Forum 2016-2017, where candidates answered questions asked by students on their positions and courses of action. There are 436 members within the group.


For the upcoming year, VUSAC is hiring Staff Member positions: Chair, Chief Returning Officer, Communications Coordinator, Secretary, and Finance Chair. A resume and cover letter is requested to be submitted to vpi@vusac.ca by Friday April 14th.



Here is a breakdown of the elected positions:

President: Zahavah Kay, 73% for and 27% spoiled/against

Vice-President External: Katie Cohen, 83% for and 17% spoiled/against

Vice-President Internal: Artimes Ghahremani, 77% for and 23% spoiled/against

Academic and professional development Commissioner: Zoe Ritchie, 76% for and 24% spoiled/against

Arts and Culture Commissioner: Blánaid McNally, 77% for and 23% spoiled/against

Commuter Commissioner: Gabriel Calderon, 80% for and 20% spoiled/against

Equity Commissioner: Shailee Koranne, 77% for and 23% spoiled/against

Scarlet and Gold Commissioner: Stephanie Spagnuolo, 81% for and 19% spoiled/against


Board of Regents:

Isaac Khouzam: 21%

Alexa Breininger: 20%

Hannah Brennen: 21%

Shailee Koranne: 17%

Spoiled: 3%


Victoria College Council:

Hannah Brennen: 44%

George Wilson: 40%

Spoiled: 16%


Victoria University Senate:

Zoe Ritchie: 38%

Katie Cohen 51%

Spoiled: 11%



VicPride!: 76% yes, 20% no, 4% spoiled. Passed

Victoria College College Athletic Association: 55% no, 38% yes, 7% spoiled. Not Passed

Vic Xposure: 54% yes, 39% no, 7% spoiled. Passed