On September 3rd, Vice-President University Affairs Carina Zhang resigned from the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) Board of Directors.

In an email to The Strand, UTSU President Mathias Memmel stated that Zhang’s resignation was due to personal reasons and asked that her privacy be respected on the matter.

In the UTSU 2017 spring election, the Demand Better slate won the majority of seats. Zhang was the only elected representative from the We the Students slate, and won the position with 3,447 votes.

The Vice-President University Affairs acts as a liaison between UofT students and administration to foster a better academic, personal, and social experience for students.

Zhang’s platform focused on eradicating exam deferral and re-mark fees, introducing free feminine hygiene products in UofT washrooms, and campaigning for Ontario Health Insurance to apply to international students.

As per UTSU bylaws, board members are only elected during the fall and spring election dates; Zhang’s seat will be filled by appointment. There has been no announcement yet of who will be the new Vice-President University Affairs.

Photo | Hana Nikcevic