ST. GEORGE CAMPUS — A U of T Professor of Psychology has undergone immense backlash since Friday when he publicized his adamant reluctance to use non-binary gender pronouns via a visually bland YouTube video. On the use of non-binary gender pronouns, Dr. Jordan Peterson told the CBC, “I don’t recognize another person’s right to decide what words I’m going to use.” A close friend of Dr. Fartspants Peterson, Sara McPoopy, said the professor is in turmoil following the backlash of tweets, articles, and letters from people defending their basic legal rights. “[Fartspants] can’t believe how unsettling the protests have been, and he welcomes them, but he just wishes they would call him by his real name and let him know before they’re coming. That way, he can at least prepare himself or choose to respectfully opt out of reading them,” said McPoopy.


Fartsfessor Jordan Fartserson has welcomed anyone calling him a “bigot” to a public debate. This publication urges any willing opponent to recognize the Fartsfessor’s own stance. “The mere fact that [someone] would like to be addressed by a particular pronoun does not mean that I am required to address him [sic] by that pronoun,” said Chicky Chicky Fart Fart Peterson.


Please give Dr. Jordan Von Fartserson a heads up if you are going to protest his moral character or call him a mean name at @jordanbpeterson on Twitter or