Big Trendz coming Your Way

Welcome to the Trendz section of The Strand where I share the hottest and dankest trendz sweeping the nashe (nation). This week’s fresh, swaggy trend is jazz of covers of Pokémon soundtracks, more popularly referred to as Pokémon Jazz. These fat, sweaty tracks are absolute gems for relaxing, studying, partying and especially, knitting. Modern music has finally reached a pinnacle of excellence. Your eardrums will be permeating with satisfaction against these voluptuous sax solos and slimy snare rolls.
Listen! I understand the initial hesitation. People didn’t understand Tesla when he first came out dropping electricity on fools, but look where he is now—in elementary school science textbooks. Pokémon Jazz could be in elementary school science textbooks! We just need to group together, believe and let ourselves be taken back to a simpler, 32-bit time when an eleven-year-old could travel across the country battling strangers and train wild animals, BY THEMSELVES. Get on top of this hot new fad before it goes full normie, folks. Stay tuned for next month’s big, greasy trend hitting Vic nashe. See ya, homies.