How to be a cool white guy ally in your African Studies, Aboriginal Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Asian Studies (and more!) Class 

  1. Shhhhhh!
  2. Donate to Black Lives Matter.
  3. Stop talking so much.
  4. Stop acting so guilty and then taking up all the space by talking about your guilt.
  5. Please stop speaking.
  6. Your grandparents being Italian immigrants has no bearing on this discussion about the residential schools and white supremacy. Whenever you feel the need to reference this, suppress it and then donate to Black Lives Matter.
  7. Recognize that you know nothing and are most certainly part of the problem.
  8. Shhhhhh, please.
  9. We need to stop starting our answers with, “Just to be devil’s advocate…” Like, we shouldn’t be speaking in the first place. But when we do speak, starting like this is redundant. As white people, especially in a class focused on the brutality of slavery and white supremacy, being the devil is our default.
  10. Please shhhhh… Please.