Being a single person in your early 20’s means you have likely had an experience with Tinder. In all honesty, the app is exhausting and depressing but, despite my valiant month-long attempts to stay atop my high horse, I delete and download it again and again. Tinder has always remained fascinating to me though, like an enormous and very grim social experiment that everyone is aware of, but doesn’t discuss. Staying within a 30 km radius, you begin to notice trends. These trends are 90% frustrating and 10% bizarre. It can be difficult to stay optimistic while trying to navigate this app which is why I’ve spent so much time thinking about what I would rather be seeing when I swipe. After careful consideration, I have decided to share what I wish I could see instead of these common types of Tinder men…

I think this speaks for itself.

Is it his daughter? Is it his niece? Does he know this child at all? I am never sure what to make of this strategy. I can always appreciate a good face swap though. Or the baby with that Viking filter maybe.

I don’t know if this is only me, but I have observed that there is a much larger population of single dudes who like to fish than you might expect. It actually kind of warms my heart because they seem very proud of their catches. Unfortunately, some really nicely done hand lettering always trumps dead fish in my books.

 To be perfectly honest I should stop being surprised every time a very close up and low angle shot of a guy lying in bed pops up but, unfortunately, I always am. The best solution is to exit this junk app and enjoy some food porn

It is always so humiliating to see a person you actually sort of know. Wouldn’t we all just be better off gazing upon the soothing magic of professional eyebrow maintenance?

So refreshing. Please, do this more.

Is it a girlfriend? Is it a strategically placed indication that girls are in fact willing to interact with him? Is it his sister? It is so much less tiresome to admire the skillful contouring and put-togetherness standing by his side.

I’m sure that a person who knows even one single thing about cars can probably appreciate images of boys lounging on cars more than I do but I think everyone can enjoy the magic of Lush.