The Strand’s Fall magazine explored the theme of “Bonds”—an idea that opens conversation to the complexities of the diverse relationships and experiences vital to human existence. Through the bonds we forge and their lasting impression, whether negative or positive, we learn more about ourselves and the world in which we live.

The magazine included discussion of a number of varying types of bonds over a variety of inclusive genres. This format allowed contributors to explore the diverse aspects and effects of bonds in a number of different, yet highly relatable ways.

Serene music echoed throughout the Cat’s Eye student lounge, setting the scene for the magazine launch party on the evening of November 10th. With dimmed lighting, and illustrations and photography from the magazine strung along the room on clotheslines, the atmosphere was laid-back yet highly inviting—complimentary coffee, tea, and treats seemed to add to the appeal.

Breaking away from past events of previous magazine launch parties, this year, The Strand held two discussion panels with contributors from the fall magazine, discussing how the ideas and opinions of their pieces arose regarding bonds. The panels included topics regarding “relationships” and “families” with authors whose pieces considered these types of bonds, allowing for a conversation and exchange of ideas which was well received by the night’s audience.

The conversational aspect of the discussions not only allowed the different facets of seemingly singular topics to be explored but, as well, seemed to forge a bond between the audience and the speakers on stage. Nikta Sadati, a staff writer for The Strand who attended the launch party noted that, “The panels, a new addition to the magazine’s annual launch, exuded a comfortable and open atmosphere through which, no matter what one’s connection to bonds were, the anecdotes and relationships described by panelists felt familiar and engaging.”

Other contributors  took the stage and read out portions of their own pieces—the oral act of  sharing proved to be powerful in higher consideration of their ideas.

In teaming up with Vic Records, both panel discussions and all individual readings were recorded, and are to soon be released as a podcast on in what will be the first edition of Volume 59’s Strandcast.

Overall, the launch party, and more generally, the fall magazine itself, was a success! The Strand would like to thank everyone who contributed to the magazine—whether in writing or editing—and those who contributed to the success of the launch party. It is the sharing nature of nights such as these which seem to strengthen the community within Victoria College.

Be sure to check out the online version.