The Royal Ontario Museum claims to be “an indispensable resource for building community by nurturing discovery and inspiring wonder,” but it’s pretty dispensable to me! They refused to put up the artwork I brought them, even though I said “please.” I bet if I’d painted a dinosaur they’d put it up. They looooooooooooove dinosaurs at the ROM. But apparently they’re too good for my artwork. And I worked really hard on it too. I even drew the picture with my own markers; I didn’t borrow them from anyone! (I did borrow the glitter-glue from school though).    

Do you know what they did put up at the ROM? This thing! Does anybody even know what that is? My art is relatable. My art asks the question we’re all asking! Why? Why wasn’t my art put up at the ROM? If you agree that I’m right and the ROM is stupid, please join me in formally protesting the ROM tomorrow afternoon. You’ll recognize me because those are my hands in the photograph below. See you there!