Seduced me with your

Talk of white nationalism and

Conservatism and

Fascism and

I found myself head over


The way you hate those Muslims

And I, too, want to keep those Mexicans out

And yuck black people


We are one in the same

I, the perfect white woman

You, the perfect white man

And so, I took you and your ideals in

Because I have everything to win

And nothing to lose

We’re the opposite sides of the same coin

You, white man and I, white woman

So, I took you in

It did not feel like a sin


I supported you

I loved you

I defended you

I voted for you

But now I hate you because

You took away my fuckin birth control

And Nuva Rings are like $1000

What the fuck

Have things always been this expensive???



I nurtured you

I protected you

I took you into my bed

And you’ve infected me with oppression

Which is something I think only coloured people should feel

But now I’m mad

And I realize what kind of disease you are


I’m mad 🙁


And now that I’ve been infected

I must take action

W(hite women)e must take action

Our voices must be heard! (Save my vagina)


You are being divisive when

You tell me I’m


You don’t understand

I must speak for all of us

That matter




But mine is the most



I’m Lena Dunham