Illustration | Emily Fu

Lucky Vic student nabs literal hole in the wall apartment.

Everyone knows that finding housing in Toronto can be hard. Whether it’s lack of resources (financial or otherwise), difficulty finding something close to campus, or curating the perfect collection of roommates, the housing situation is absolutely dire. However, sometimes fortune smiles upon the dire. Jenny Huang, a third year student a Vic, recently struck gold when she found her literal hole in the wall of an apartment right before school started!

For just a measly $800/ month, Huang gets to live in a literal hole in the wall on Baldwin—how trendy! Her landlord, a literal rat with many investment properties around downtown Toronto, comes around once every now and then to chew around the opening to the hole, expanding the space. Talk about great maintenance work!

“You know, I think I really lucked out with this space,” Huang told The Strand in an exclusive. “It’s like, kinda… sorta affordable, if I work three part-time jobs over the summer and try to hold down a sketchy twelve-hours-a-week job during the year. There are definitely worse ways to be!”

Luckily for Huang, utilities AND WIFI are included in the rent.

“I shocked myself on that exposed wire in the kitchen the other day,” Huang said, holding up her hand. “Guess it’s the price you pay when you don’t pay for electricity, haha. But like, honestly, it’s still cheaper and better than res”.

We here at The Strand are delighted to know that great rental units are still available out there on a student’s budget!