The University of Toronto boasts an extensive network of on- campus opportunities. Whether vying for experience in a particular field or just looking for some side money, there are many faculties, professors, and companies looking for new hires. A majority of on- campus jobs can be found on the Career Learning Network (CLN). The CLN advertises an array of on-campus, off-campus, casual, and work-study opportunities. Upload your CV by using your UTORid to login to the CLN at: The following is a list of current student opportunities:

  • Academic Departments: Contact the administrative office for specific faculties. A comprehensive list of academic units can be found at:
  • Cafes: From campus-run cafés like Diabolos, Sammy’s Student Exchange, andorWymilwoodNed’s, to the usual Starbucks and Second Cup, there’s no shortage of coffee shops nor shortage of barista demand on campus. Check the CLN for current job postings.
  • Campus Tour Guides: Each college hires campus tour guides to share their experiences and lead prospective students on walking tours of the St. George campus as well as the individual college campuses. Check the CLN for current job postings.
  • Hart House: Hart House is a hub for a multitude of university events. Find supervisory positions, technical jobs, committee opportunities, and many more at:
  • Library Student Jobs Service: The 44 libraries on campus are constantly looking for student library assistants. If you have a knack for the stacks, apply to a library position at:
  • Porters: Those living in a college residence can work as a porter, managing the residence’s front desk. Check with your college for specific postings.
  • Teaching Assistant Positions: Graduate and postdoctoral students can find TA positions in their department of study at:
  • University of Toronto Press (UTP): The UTP runs the UofT Book Store, which is a perfect place for those interested in retail jobs. Current open positions are located at:
  • University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU):
    The UTSUstudent union has many student government, managerial, and service opportunities at:
  • Varsity Blues Opportunities:
    If you’re looking to get physical, the Varsity Blues have a number of assistant and intern jobs at: