On Thursday, January 26th, VUSAC, in conjunction with the Dean’s office, held their 4th consecutive Gardiner Gala at the Gardiner museum, adjacent to Victoria College. Held in a beautiful room with large glass windows on the Gardiner’s third floor, this year’s sold-out semi-formal event was extremely busy, as the room was full to the brim with Vic affiliates and their guests.

VUSAC’s Arts and Culture commission shared the responsibility with the Dean’s office to organize and plan the event. Decisions about booking the space and catering were made together, and the cost was shared between both offices.

VicXposure, Vic’s photography club, holds an annual photo contest aptly named Art Gala at the event. Vic students who had submitted their photographs had the chance to see them exhibited along the walls during the event. This year, there were over 200 submissions for the Art Gala. The photographs added a pop of colour to the room and provided a fun viewing activity for guests to partake in.

Although the submissions consisted mainly of photos, there were also some paintings and drawings strewn around the space. Cute decorations, such as oversized gold balloons spelling out “VIC,” added character to the room.

Apart from its ties with the Art Gala, the Gardiner Gala is mainly a social event, with professors, faculty, and students attending. An abundant spread was set up in the middle of the room, with foods such as meat skewers, pita rolls, and chocolate truffles (which were delicious). The Gardiner’s catering service, A la carte, catered the event.

The band Sheepishly Yours, composed of Sam Clarke, Yasmine Shelton (vocalist), and Aaron and Noah Philipp-Muller, performed a live music set, which added a considerable amount of atmosphere to the room. Shelton’s vocals were quite impressive, as were the other musicians’ performances.

Olivia Klasios, VUSAC’s arts and culture commissioner, shared her thoughts on the evening: “I’m incredibly happy with the way it turned out. […] The Vic community really turned out for this event and I hope that [it] continues to grow in popularity over the coming years. It’s a great opportunity to showcase student art and to further develop the long standing relationship between the Gardiner Museum and Victoria College.”

Overall, this year’s event was indeed a success. With the attendance through the roof and an appropriate organization, the 2017 Gardiner Gala certainly set a standard for years to come.