The answer to each clue is “aloera”


1 Do your parents love each other?

5 Drake, stop putting out albums with more than 20 songs. No one puts out 20 good songs at a time. Chill the hell out. But good job, buddy.

7 Rhymes with “faloera.”

9 Just write “aloera.”

12 Within it, it is natural for there to be spelled bumps. This word, backwards.

13 You lift your shirt and yell: check out my “_ _ _ _ _ _!” And someone says, do you mean your “areola?” And you say, “Oh yeah, sorry, I was reading it backwards.”

14 Life is suffering.

15 Fascism will destroy us all.

16 The larger outer ring of a nipple, spelled backwards.



2 Zayn is the objective hottest member of One Direction, but Harry has my heart.

3 Stranded was OK this year, right?

4 The singular, backwards form of “areolae.”

6 Acronym for Alright Life Obviously Endures Racist Assholes

8 Love dies.

9 I just didn’t want to let Ally down.

10 It’s Areola Backwards.

11 The word “areola” but spelled “aloera.”