I really don’t know!


Hello everyone! I’m trying to write a new novel and I need your help. The novel is about pilgrims, and so far it’s very good. The only problem is, I’m not really sure who the pilgrims were. I’ve tried asking my friends, but none of them know either. I know that pilgrims wore hats, but so do firemen. Are firemen pilgrims? Not as far as I know. It’s very important to me that my novels are well-researched, and that’s why I’m reaching out for help. Never let it be said that Margaret Jean Atwood is afraid to ask for help. Before I published The Handmaid’s Tale,  my editor helped to make sure I had spelled all the words correctly—I had. I am a celebrated author, so I’m pretty good at spelling. So, if you know who the pilgrims were, please shoot me an email at margaret.atwood3@aol.ca Thanks so much!