The U of T winter tradition takes place at Vic in different locations all over campus

Beating the post-break lull can often be a difficult feat. The week-long Winterfest celebrations held by VUSAC and the contemporaneous UofT Winterfest, however, offered the perfect opportunity for students to leap back into the campus community as soon as they returned for the second semester.


The week of combined events during Winterfest at Vic, was organized by VUSAC Winterfest Chairs Zoe Ritchie and Katie Cohen and ran from January 9th to 13th. During the day on Monday, students visited the Cat’s Eye for movies, cotton candy, and hot chocolate. At night, the lounge shifted to hosting an Open Mic Night with pizza.


On Tuesday morning, VOCA served free pancakes as part of the week-long Pancake Brunch Crawl happening at different colleges across campus. Later that day, U of T Winterfest’s first-ever graffiti-themed Pub Night was hosted at Tequila Jack’s.


The Mitten Competition on Wednesday saw students racing to accomplish various tasks while wearing giant mittens. That night, four final UofT-based bands―Dorval, Pictures of Richard, FOMA and The Accolades―after making it past the first round of auditions, held at Lee’s Palace on January 11th, performed there again during the Battle of the Bands.


Over the last days of the week, events ranged from a Gingerbread House Competition and Paints-and-Crafts Night on Thursday, to Skating with VCAA on Friday. The week ended on Friday night with UofT Winterfest’s annual Amateur Charity Drag Show, of which all proceeds went to 519, a Toronto-based LGBTQ+ organization that provides support and resources for queer and trans+ youth around the GTA.


However, the festivities are not completely over yet. From January 17th to 21st, students can attend various events through UTSU’s Frost Week, ending with a concert from Jazz Cartier, a Toronto-based hip-hop artist who gave a popular performance on Vic Campus last year.