Author: Yimeng Sun

The Strand reviews TCDS presents Polaroid Stories

TCDS’ Polaroid Stories showed from November 23rd to November 26th at the George Ignatieff Theatre. It was written by Naomi Iizuka and directed by Melissa Anne Fearon. Promoted as an adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Polaroid Stories replaces Ovid’s mythological world with the harsh world of street youth. Sex workers, drug dealers, and the homeless each tell their stories in a series of interwoven vignettes exploring their fears, desires, and hopes. Set designer, Shay Santaiti, created a three-piece set consisting of a yellow ladder, a green bench, and a chain-link cage, placed between a pair of graffiti-covered flats. Visually, It...

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St. Mike’s last show, Asuncion, runs on unapologetically sharp and borderline discomfiting satire

Jesse Eisenberg’s comedy Asuncion opened at the Luella Massey Studio Theatre. It was produced by the SMC Troubadours and directed by Veronika Gribanova. The play is about Edgar Hirschhorn (James Hyett), a self-styled journalist who lives a socially conscious—perhaps more accurately a socially self-conscious—life on the living room floor of his former TA Vinny’s (Kirk Munroe) unkempt apartment. Vinny is a laidback, weed-smoking guy and could not be more different from the uptight Edgar, but they get along comfortably enough in their academic bohemian lifestyle. Edgar’s supposed superiority in his cultural tolerance and knowledge of international human rights undergoes a...

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VCDS’ RENT is saturated with brilliant staging ideas—to the point of losing clarity

The beloved musical Rent focuses on a group of bohemian artists living in Alphabet City during the AIDS epidemic. Their living circumstances are jeopardized when, coincidentally, they all decide not to pay their rent. (Who thinks they can get away without paying rent? Silly artists.) Various relationships are formed in this circle. Songwriter and guitarist Roger Davis (Michael Henley) meets and falls in love with exotic dancer Mimi (Mirabella Sundar Singh), and philosophy professor Tom Collins (Roddy Rodriguez) does the same with Angel (Aaron Hale). VCDS’s production straddled a spidery two-tier set, flanked on one side by a heavily graffitied...

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