Author: Wilfred Moeschter

Review: Rogue One

Before you watch this movie, watch Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, or at least fill yourself in on the events from that movie. If you don’t, you won’t enjoy Rogue One nearly as much as you should, and then you’d be paying money and spending two hours on an experience that you could have improved. Rogue One tells the story of Jyn Erso, the daughter of an Imperial engineer, who eventually becomes embroiled in a mission to destroy the Death Star, a weapon which the Empire can use to destroy entire planets. The battle scenes are endless and harrowing, you can attach yourself to the main characters, and the ending was genuinely heartbreaking. In comparison to Mark Hamill’s wooden acting, the entire cast deserves Oscar nominations. Rogue One was apparently 18 times more expensive to make than Star Wars and it’s safe to say that with better acting, cinematography, and effects, the emotional impact is multiplied accordingly. The second half isn’t a Star Wars movie as much as it is a war movie, and director Gareth Edwards really didn’t skimp on anything. The third act literally features a beach invasion scene with the outnumbered Rebels battling evil Imperial forces, and gives Saving Private Ryan a real run for its money! Like The Force Awakens, the experience is improved with classy throwbacks to the original. The scenes inside Rebel spaceship cockpits are deliberately made...

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An Interview with Jon Favreau

September 8th, 2020—Longtime Stranded Contributor Wilfred Moeschter lands an exclusive interview with the infamous Disney director Jon Favreau discussing his latest live action reboot: Finding Nemo. Take a look at what the director had to say about his actors, eating with his actors, eating his actors, and his new take on a Pixar classic: The Strand: Jon, your live action Finding Nemo has made quite a splash! Almost $85 million in the worldwide box office this weekend. Were you expecting this much success? Jon Favreau: Well, after our live action versions of The Jungle Book and The Lion King went so well, the Disney Pictures president and I knew that a live action Disney universe would rip Marvel a new one, and that’s just what happened! [laughs] TS: [laughs] Very true, one more asshole, not counting Robert Downey Jr. Why haven’t Disney come up with any original stories since the live-action craze took off? JF: Well, y’know, after people started complaining about a lack of diversity, and then when we do something diverse like Moana, they complain about cultural appropriation, we decided that it was just easier not to involve people at all. Who knows, maybe there will be a fish president some day and we’re just ahead of the diversity curve! More likely than an Asian president anyways [laughs]. Shit, is that out of order? Sorry. TS: What prompted your decision to...

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