Author: Jenna Borisevich

Rock Climbing Rocks

If you happen to know me, there’s a fairly good chance I’ve tried to recruit you into rock climbing. On second thought, if you happen to know me, I’m certain that I have. “Hey, I’m Jenna. Nice to meet you. Do you rock climb? Would you want to?” The words are out of my mouth seconds after a formal introduction The first time I climbed a rock wall, I was addicted. I wanted more. I inhaled mountaineering books, watched mountaineering documentaries, daydreamed about climbs when I should have been paying attention to other things, and of course, I climbed....

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Premature Nostalgia

I haven’t left UofT yet, but I feel like I’ve already written an elegiac love letter in my head, a lamentation for the fading experiences that have formed me into the person I am.

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