Author: Ted Fraser

Journalism will continue to thrive

New media isn’t killing journalism; it’s helping it adapt The first known newspaper was a German publication, Relation, founded in 1609 by distinguished intellectual Johan Carolus. He bought a printing press, secured an office, and started producing periodicals. Since Carolus’s ingenious endeavour, the world of journalism has experienced seismic shifts, while also managing to preserve its integrity and fulfill its societal role; to inform, to investigate, and to enrich. Finley Peter Dunne once said that the role of journalism is to, “afflict the comfortable and to comfort the afflicted.” Indeed, journalism not only serves a political and historical purpose, but a moral one as well. A well-informed public is a key part of any functioning democracy. Max Weber agreed, claiming in his famous speech, Politics as a Vocation, that “it is almost never acknowledged that the responsibility of the journalist… is far greater than that of the scholar.” However, journalism’s reputation has been damaged by a score of sensationalist, budget-news publications. Sites like Buzzfeed and Narcity try to appeal to younger people, churning out relatable posts, click-bait lists (like “14 Insanely Talented Athletes Who Are Currently In Jail”) and a wealth of other cringeworthy material. This abrupt switch from traditional news to attention-grabbing blurbs has rattled old stock journalists, and led many to believe that the industry is dying. Dave Yin, in a rather gloomy piece for the Huffington Post, writes that journalism is not dying, but being murdered. He asserts that because technological advancements have made journalism ubiquitous and subsequently free, readers regard it as worthless. Although dramatic, Yin makes...

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What you should know before you hop on the Trudeau bandwagon

I am a fan of Justin Trudeau. Compared to the option of another four years of now-retired “Supreme Leader” Harper, Trudeau is heaven-sent. Since his monumental victory in October of last year, he has implemented numerous policies that have improved the country substantially. Whether it is accepting 30,000 refugees from war-torn Syria, slashing tax rates for the middle class, or introducing a 50 percent female cabinet, he has upheld the Liberal values for which he was elected. However, far too many have gleefully and blindly jumped on to the Trudeau bandwagon. Everyone under 25 seems to be infatuated with the Prime Minister. After years of the sociopathic cold fish that was Stephen Harper, Canada is cool again. Buzzfeed thinks our PM is hot. The world acknowledges us now. And we love it. But before you say Trudeau is the best thing that ever happened to this country, consider a few of his contradicting, illegitimate political moves. Trudeau claims to be an environmentally conscious liberal, desiring to implement policies to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions. He recently introduced a federal $10-per-tonne carbon tax. The revenues from this tax will be returned back to the provinces to finance tax cuts. Seems like a logical plan, right? Not exactly. Canada still gives out $3.3 billion in subsidies to fossil fuel companies. As Alex Doukas said in an article for The Guardian, “It’s like...

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