Author: Tanuj Kumar

Revolutionary Gene-editing Technique Has Its First Clinical Anti-Cancer Tests in Humans

As the world grows more complex, we see hopeful signs of progress in the field of gene-based medicinal therapy. In particular, the famous CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technique has been gaining significant traction due to its simplicity and versatility. On October 28th, Dr. Lu You’s team at Sichuan University in Chengdu successfully implanted cells containing CRISPR-edited genes into a patient with lung cancer. While this may seem like a small step, it is a result with heavy implications for the future of biomedical research. Carl June, an immunotherapy specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, described the implications of this progress best, calling the possibility for an ensuing international duel in biomedical research “Sputnik 2.0.”

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To infinity and beyond: Extending the numbers

Look at your hands and—most likely—you have a finite number of fingers on them. That is, you don’t have an endless number of fingers on any hand. On average, a human has ten fingers and ten toes. But, what exactly is “ten?”—not the word, but the quantity. Our Science editor Tanuj Kumar takes us to infinity and beyond by extending the numbers!

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The Strand’s EAs go to WInterlcious!

Bannock Restaurant Review   Alison Zhou We arrived to a full-but-not-crowded scene and were the last to leave, a few minutes after closing. It was Wednesday (Hump Day); one of my dates had just trudged through his midterm, the other in from Finch Station. Despite this and the dreary weather-my inspiration for the nicknames I have given my co-diners, Pugsley and Morticia-we left Bannock feeling rosy and warm-bellied. When asked to describe her pumpkin soup appetizer, Morticia remarked that it felt like “being in a sauna with a warm loaf of bread and a spice merchant wafting curry into the...

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