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VUSAC Elections 2016: Results

Midnight on Friday marked the end of the appeals period for the VUSAC Spring elections. Here are the official results, courtesy of Chief Returning Office Saambavi Mano:   Presidents/Co-Presidents: Rahul Christoffersen and Stuart Norton – 312 votes or 66% Chris Knipe – 128 votes or 27% Spoiled – 32 votes or 7%   Vice-President External: Stephen Warner – 242 votes or 51% George Wilson – 169 votes or 36% Spoiled – 61 votes or 13%   Vice-President Internal: Golda Greenspoon – 242 votes or 51% William Cuddy – 170 votes or 36% Spoiled – 60 votes or 13%   Vice-President Student...

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The Strand Picks Their Pop Culture Faves

It’s been a fantastic year for music and television. Here’s what The Strand enjoyed the most.   TV [Light spoilers ahead]: Amanda Ghazale Aziz: You’re the Worst—Coming off a cynical debut season, the second season of You’re the Worst took an even darker turn, but that’s where I had found it to be the most relatable. We saw Gretchen relapsing in her depression, and Edgar balancing post-traumatic stress disorder with his new love life. Yet their struggles and experiences with mental illness weren’t packed into a “very special episode”; they were a significant part of the plot throughout the season. I...

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