Author: Rosa Kumar

Marriage & Millenials: The reality of starting the rest of your life young

It started as an anomaly. Maybe Sarah, that girl you never spoke to in high school, is getting hitched next month in a lovely ceremony at Niagara-on-the-Lake that was probably paid for by her parents. You saw her engagement photos on Instagram, read her excited posts on Facebook, and talked about her during a quick sushi sesh with a few friends: “Can you BELIEVE she’s getting married? She’s, like, 20? 21?” Now, things are getting scarier. It is not just one or two friends that are tying the knot, but a whole slew of them. You cannot even remember the...

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Sweater Weather

Fall is finally here! Get your style inspiration from these fashionable Victoria College students.     Things we love for fall… cozy knit sweaters,                         halloween!                                             hot chocolate all day the changing leaves,                       apple picking,                                        hayrides and...

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