Author: Rebecca Gao

The results are in!

The Very Important Science is done After a tense two weeks here at The Strand, the results are in. It’s taken countless hours of labouring over numbers—something that I, as a Scientist, know plenty about—in order for us to crack the code. We now know who the superior pop girl group is. Though it must be acknowledged that all girl groups are magical and powerful, Science has determined that Little Mix is, in fact, somehow better. I’m sorry Harmonizers. I believed too.   A special thanks is directed to Co-Editor-in-Chief Molly Kay who stuck her neck out in order to get the greatest sample size. To her, we (Science) are eternally grateful.   Here are the results in graph form (very important for Science):...

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Real estate find!

Illustration | Emily Fu Lucky Vic student nabs literal hole in the wall apartment. Everyone knows that finding housing in Toronto can be hard. Whether it’s lack of resources (financial or otherwise), difficulty finding something close to campus, or curating the perfect collection of roommates, the housing situation is absolutely dire. However, sometimes fortune smiles upon the dire. Jenny Huang, a third year student a Vic, recently struck gold when she found her literal hole in the wall of an apartment right before school started! For just a measly $800/ month, Huang gets to live in a literal hole...

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