Author: Rebecca Gao

The results are in!

The Very Important Science is done After a tense two weeks here at The Strand, the results are in. It’s taken countless hours of labouring over numbers—something that I, as a Scientist, know plenty about—in order for us to crack the code. We now know who the superior pop girl group is. Though it must be acknowledged that all girl groups are magical and powerful, Science has determined that Little Mix is, in fact, somehow better. I’m sorry Harmonizers. I believed too.   A special thanks is directed to Co-Editor-in-Chief Molly Kay who stuck her neck out in order to get the greatest sample size. To her, we (Science) are eternally grateful.   Here are the results in graph form (very important for Science):...

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Real estate find!

Illustration | Emily Fu Lucky Vic student nabs literal hole in the wall apartment. Everyone knows that finding housing in Toronto can be hard. Whether it’s lack of resources (financial or otherwise), difficulty finding something close to campus, or curating the perfect collection of roommates, the housing situation is absolutely dire. However, sometimes fortune smiles upon the dire. Jenny Huang, a third year student a Vic, recently struck gold when she found her literal hole in the wall of an apartment right before school started! For just a measly $800/ month, Huang gets to live in a literal hole...

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The dos and don’ts of first year

A visual guide   First year is a hectic time for everyone. Moving to a new city, meeting tons of new people, and adjusting to a new academic environment can be overwhelming. As someone who did “aight” for herself in first year, it’s time for me to impart my very, very finite wisdom on people who are probably only a few months younger. Here’s a short visual guide to help you navigate your first year. Good luck! 1. DO try new foods! University is a time for experimentation. Leave the white bread of your small town behind. 2. DO work in groups with new friends! This is a great way to connect with your classmates while also getting the most out of your education. Find your support networks and stick with ‘em! 3. DON’T try to make friends during Frosh Week by sniffing them. Sure, your dog can do it and sure, it’s super cute when he does, but no one is going to hang if all you wanna do is smell their sweaty Frosh Week armpits. 4. DO experiment with your look! It’s a new year, city, school, etc. Get the perm you’ve always wanted, shave your head if you wanna! It’s only questionable if you question it. 5. DON’T date someone who lives on your floor because you WILL break up and then your own home will stop being safe. Trust...

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