Author: Maddy De Sousa

The Future of the Past is Now: The Vox Victorians and Historical Re-enactment

This past September, I learned of a couple in Washington state who live their lives as though it were the late Victorian era. The wife, Sarah A. Chrisman, published an article on Vox titled, “I love the Victorian era. So I decided to live in it.” In the article, she outlines the material aspects of their daily lives—they use an icebox instead of a refrigerator, for example, and both wear period-appropriate clothing, and Chrisman explains how and why they came to live this way. Both Sarah and her husband study history and work as consultants and speakers on late...

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Humans of Victoria College

“In one of my pockets is a sweet, sweet candy bar. In the other, an even sweeter candy bar that contains razor wire. Oh, I forgot to mention that the first candy bar is poisoned. That part is kind of important. Anyway, pick one.” “On July 29, 1981, I recorded the television broadcast of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding using my VCR. On July 30, 1981, I replayed and re-watched the broadcast, all the while re-recording it on a new tape. I’ve repeated this exercise every single day since then. 12,475 VHS recordings of the broadcast are...

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