Author: Margaryta Golovchenko

The Literary Pamphlet is revived

Black & BLUE takes on the traditional pamphlet form that does its ancestors proud The pamphlet, as a literary medium, has a complex and fascinating history, with a reputation for being the agent of provocative news, whether it was spreading slanderous accusations about the French royal family leading up to the Revolution, or propagating ideologies such as communism in the Soviet Union. Only more recently has it developed a tamer nature, now often associated with product advertisements or quick snapshots of various topics, from organizations to travel destinations. Recently however, this apparently forgotten medium has found its way into the realm of literature, bringing its history along with it. Small presses are key to an emerging writer. They serve as an entry point in what might be an otherwise intimidating writing community. Where larger publications often tend to look more at your CV and how strong your reputation is, a small press is made up of a group of enthusiastic individuals who love what they’re doing, and can often be the first home of many writers’ work. As a result, it is common to find new, experimental, and downright unusual writing in any such small press. In this case, the one in mind is the Black & BLUE writing collective from the UK. The Divine Discontent pamphlet series is the third such series from Black & BLUE, but served as...

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Maa magab karu

Viru Street was like the trunk of the tree that was the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia, running through the old city wall and into streets that could easily be mistaken for the setting of a medieval fairytale.

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