Author: Maia Kachan

University of Toronto Implements New Sexual Violence Policy

Administration finally settles on an approved, updated policy for sexual violence and assault on campus This month, the University of Toronto implemented a new sexual violence policy. The policy comes as a result of a broader attempt to improve support for victims of sexual violence across all three University of Toronto campuses. The Ontario Provincial Government recently implemented Bill 132, which requires a specific sexual violence policy in place at all universities by January 1st, 2017. In response to this, the University of Toronto began an extensive, 18-month process to develop their final “Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment.” The policy was developed through focus groups including students and faculty, intermittent release of policy drafts and feedback from the broader University of...

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Donald Trump and the Canadian student response

Since Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States on November 8th, the public response has been astounding. Inside and out of the United States, the overwhelming majority of student activism has been in opposition of Trump’s election and proposed changes to the United States government. Within Canada, student response is largely in solidarity with the marginalized populations that Trump has attacked throughout his campaign. On November 19th, a rally against Trump took place outside Toronto City Hall, on Queen Street. The event on Facebook, which had over 2500 people listed as attending, states the purpose of the event was to “stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters to the south who oppose the sexist, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic rhetoric set loose by Donald Trump.” The rally began at Nathan Phillips Square, followed by a march to Trump Tower. The event page states “all are welcome to join and peacefully participate.” University of Toronto student, Natalie Cresswell attended Saturday’s rally because she “wanted to show that she disagrees with the hateful rhetoric Trump used in his campaign.” What is appealing about a large public protest is the power in the sheer numbers. This is especially relevant in a city as large as Toronto, where media coverage reaches broadly across the country. Similarly, the large size and international impact of UofT makes it particularly relevant in catalyzing social change...

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All Families Are Equal: New legislature, huge win for LBGTQ families across Ontario

On September 29th, the All Families Are Equal Act was introduced into Ontario legislation. This act, if passed, is a huge step in fostering acceptance and equality for Queer families in Ontario. The All Families Are Equal Act is a piece of legislation that ensures both members of a couple who use alternative means of conception, such as a sperm donor or surrogate, are legally recognized as parents regardless of biological connection. In this bill, there is equal recognition for all parents and children under law. Another notable inclusion is the ability to specify more than two parents on...

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First year students run for VUSAC

Voting for the 2016-2017 Fall VUSAC elections opened last Wednesday, with candidates running for various positions on the council including Commuter Commissioner, Equity Commissioner, and eight Councillor positions. Voting concluded on September 28th, with the official results yet to be released. Each year, the council reserves two places among the Councillor positions for first-year students in the running.   Running for a position is public and upheld, as the Councillor position is daunting. The reservation of two seats for two first year students within the council is to encourage first year students to become involved with their student government from the beginning of their studies.   Fall elections occur instantly once the school year begins in order to keep the council in order. This immediateness does not allow for much time to campaign nor to familiarize oneself with the student body. First-year Victoria College student who’s also running for Councillor and VUSAC Councillor candidate Tyler Biswurm, spoke to The Strand on his perception of VUSAC and student government:   “Fall elections are two weeks after you get here, you don’t have a lot of chances to get to know everyone.” He further went on to describe the elections as a “learning experience no matter what,” due to first-year students “not knowing the community as well as we want to”.   Some of the responsibilities as a part of VUSAC, such...

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Getting involved in student life

It can be daunting going from high school to a university as expansive and broad as UofT in terms of academic programming, extracurricular activities, and the types of students who choose to come here. Vic and UofT offer numerous volunteer and club positions that vary from playing sports to making latte art.

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