Author: Luca Bellisario

Tips for white guys in University

How to be a cool white guy ally in your African Studies, Aboriginal Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Asian Studies (and more!) Class  Shhhhhh! Donate to Black Lives Matter. Stop talking so much. Stop acting so guilty and then taking up all the space by talking about your guilt. Please stop speaking. Your grandparents being Italian immigrants has no bearing on this discussion about the residential schools and white supremacy. Whenever you feel the need to reference this, suppress it and then donate to Black Lives Matter. Recognize that you know nothing and are most certainly part of the problem. Shhhhhh, please. We need to stop starting our answers with, “Just to be devil’s advocate…” Like, we shouldn’t be speaking in the first place. But when we do speak, starting like this is redundant. As white people, especially in a class focused on the brutality of slavery and white supremacy, being the devil is our default....

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Tensions rise between Anglicans and law students over “Anglican-Church-Looking” law building

Anglicans to UofT law students: “Stay out of our church!”  After a recent string of disputes over classroom space and its use at the Jackman Law Building, tensions between local Anglicans and UofT law students are at an all-time high.   Shortly after the construction of the new building, groups of Anglican churchgoers began celebrating daily mass inside the new law building, leaving many UofT law students without adequate classroom space, and a need for answers.   In an effort to get to the bottom of such confusion, we interviewed someone with an objective, non-partisan perspective—UofT law professor and devout Anglican, Willow Hudson—to comment on the phenomenon.   “While U of T claims they designed the new building to be a hub for postgraduate law studies, no one can deny how shockingly similar the design of the JLB is to various modern, Anglican churches. From the sharp and sweeping exterior lines of the roof that subtly reference the classic look of flying buttresses, to the nave-like lobby which lead upwards to the cathedral ceilings, or even the massive, speckled windows which clash against the concrete walls to really create that “it’s the 21st century and God is Good” look that Anglicans are so enamored with, the building’s design really strikes a nice balance between modern architectural concepts and a reverent respect for church history.”   Hudson says, “Naturally, scores of Anglicans see what appears to be a cool modern church and begin celebrating mass there. And that is just not their fault.”   Law Students, however, see the issue from a...

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Seven ways to tell if you’re a Thumb-Thumb from the Disney classic Spy Kids

You are a minion created by and subservient to local mad man, Floop. You love wearing a tight combo of burgundy spandex shorts and a v-neck. You hate those damn Cortez kids, always trying to poke around and start trouble. You always have to correct people when they mistake you for a Fooglie. You often say, “I’m a Thumb-Thumb, actually, not a Fooglie. It’s an easy mistake, but you should educate yourself so you don’t make the same mistake twice.” You are inordinately clumsy, seeing as how you are only made up of five thick thumb extensions. Auto-correct is a bitch! Texting a crush is hard enough, but you really struggle to type with your big, heavy, thick thumb limbs. You have a nail for a face. Every breath is agony....

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NFL Money Line Parlay Best Picks, Fantasy and Preview and Predictions, and Sports Talk: Hedge Bets

For those sports fans not willing to be wrong, the world’s hedgiest better Luca Bellisario provides you with his TOTAL LOCKS for week 8 of the NFL. Raiders vs. Buccaneers Behind Quarterback sensation Derek Carr, this game is a LOCK for the Raiders. Their rich tradition of success will be on full display this week when I predict they will TOTALLY DESTROY the defenseless Buccaneers, CRUSHING THEM IN A LANDSLIDE. This gambling expert strongly suggests you BET BIG on Derek Carr and the Raiders. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tampa Bay can pull off the upset. I like their defence, they have got a lot of heart. Packers vs. Falcons Aaron Rodgers is the man. I repeat, AARON RODGERS IS THE MAN. You’d be a fool to bet against him and his Green Bay Packers, who I predict will TOTALLY ROUTE the BITCH Atlanta Falcons, sending them home with a loss and THEIR BITCHY TALES BETWEEN THEIR BITCHY LEGS. BUT, I wouldn’t count out Atlanta, who have shown some spark in recent weeks. Eagles vs. Cowboys Cowboys phenom Dak Preskot has surpassed all expectations and has transformed this years’ Cowboys into A BULGING SUPER BOWL THREAT. I predict they ABSOLUTELY OBLITERATE the Eagles, who don’t even deserve to BE IN THE SAME SENTENCE as Dallas, because DALLAS IS GOING TO DEMOLISH THEIR HOPES AND DREAMS AND WITHOUT EVEN...

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