Author: Kody McCann

Goodbye, Yonge: Urban Development in Downtown Toronto

Goodbye, Yonge Urban Development in Downtown Toronto Words by Kody McCann Photos by Grace King and Hana Nikcevic Finding a common ground between municipal growth and preserving local culture Toronto’s Yonge Street stretches from Lake Ontario at the Harbourfront to Steeles Avenue in North York. It is the physical, and arguably, the metaphorical spine of the entire city of Toronto. East-west streets are demarcated by their relation to Yonge (Queen West being West of Yonge, etc.) and the Yonge TTC line runs under 90% of it, linking the suburbs in the north to downtown. At the intersection of Yonge...

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UTSU wants out of CFS

On Tuesday January 24th, 2017, the University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU) issued a statement outlining how UTSU executives no longer support membership to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). With grievances listed, UTSU says membership to the CFS “is something that [UTSU]…can no longer support.” UTSU states how the 14 motions presented at the CFS general meeting, including motions to “prevent non-student staff from attending CFS meetings as delegates” and others regarding minutes taken at meetings and electronic voting systems, were not debated and were subsequently deferred to the next meeting. UTSU also notes the surprise request by...

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I am the youngest of four children, with two sisters and one brother, all growing up in and around Boston, Massachusetts. My sister Kait is the oldest at 32, my brother Kevin is 31, and my sister Kellie is 22. I have always connected with my sister Kait through academics. She was always a role model for my academic behavior and, although at times it was annoying and belittling, I would not be the student I am today without her pressure, and I owe her big time. Kellie is the closest to me in age and we love the same music, movies, theatre, and more. She now lives in California but every time we see each other we pick up right where we left off. She is pretty cool. And then there is Kevin. I will be honest, growing up we never got along. It’s just a fact. He played video games and I did not. I liked school, and he hated it. Our mutual love for sports only went as far as we both played basketball. We rarely had those typical brotherly conversations about professional sports teams and who was going to make the playoffs. He tossed me around and beat me up to “make me tough,” which was not appreciated. But, so what? He is my big brother and we have different interests. But that isn’t the...

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