Author: Holly McKenzie-Sutter

Cinema Studies 101: A Visual Guide

As I say farewell to my days of Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto, I wanted to offer a visual syllabus ofn the forefathers of film theoryfilm theory’s forefathers. Here’s a crash course in film studies, pointing out the commonalities shared by this group of mostly- French men named Jean, who pioneered commentary on the visual medium we all know and love, and smoked a lot of cigarettes in front of blackboards with French words on them. Hegel Don’t quite remember why we had to learn about Hegel in film studies, but the man sure knew how to...

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Incoming referendums, developing policies, and lack of preparation dominate the third and final Vic Caucus

Financial allocation, student space, and increasing levy fees formed the hot topics of the final Victoria University Student Caucus of the 2015-2016 school year, held on March 2nd. The Vic Caucus is a semi-annual public forum open to all Vic Students, held to engage in a discussion of issues pertaining to student life. This was the third caucus of the school year. Students at the caucus voted for forthcoming referendums to be held on increasing student levy fees, and to ratify VISA (Vic International Students Association) as a levy. Co-Presidents Ben Atkins and Gabriel Zoltan-Johan discussed the idea of...

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Review: Mozart in the Jungle

Many Golden Globe viewers were surprised when favourite-to-win Jeffrey Tambor was unseated in the Best Actor in a Comedy Series category by Gael García Bernal for Mozart in the Jungle. Amazon’s comedy series centres on a transitional period for the New York Symphony Orchestra, when new conductor Rodrigo De Souza (García Bernal) replaces the old maestro Thomas Pembridge (Malcolm McDowell). After watching Mozart’s first season, García Bernal’s performance stands out as the glue that holds together an optimistic show about the empowering nature of the arts. García Bernal’s win over comedy heavyweight Tambor speaks to a larger theme of...

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