Author: Hana Nikčević

Review: Dior at the ROM

Photo | Hana Nikčević The Royal Ontario Museum celebrates couturier Christian Dior and his legendary body of work Last week at the Golden Globes, Hollywood wore black. Effectiveness and sincerity aside, there’s one thing we know: clothing sends a message. In Toronto, recently-exhibited works in textile have placed a spotlight on these communicative possibilities. In Every. Now. Then (2017), the Art Gallery of Ontario showed Esmaa Mohamoud’s basketball jerseys-turned-ball gowns (One of the Boys, 2017); a year earlier, Toronto: Tributes + Tributaries featured Anishinaabe artist Rebecca Belmore’s Rising to the Occasion (1987-91), a Victorian-style gown with a beaver-dam bustle....

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Mental Health Month raises awareness

With a new school year comes the usual host of class-related pressures (“assignments on syllabi are closer than they appear,” anyone?). With this, many students may be faced with the additional pressure of mental health issues. October is named Mental Health Month by the World Health Organization, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH), who have also designated October 2nd to 8th Mental Illness Awareness Week.   Different events are held in October which are all aimed at exploring, explaining, and caring for one’s mental health. The most...

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What’s brewing at Caffiends

Discreetly housed in Old Vic, Caffiends is occasionally dubbed Victoria College’s best-kept secret. Between the loyal crowd of regulars and a steady stream of new visitors, it’s safe to say that the secret’s out. On Monday, the cafe re-opened after its annual summer hiatus and introduced a variety of changes that promise to make this year’s caffeine addiction notably better than last year’s. The cafe now offers tea from Genuine Tea, a Toronto-based direct-trade company with a focus on providing fresh, high-quality teas. The majority of the teas are organic, and as Genuine Tea switches over to offering entirely...

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