Author: Erin Calhoun

Divesting to invest in our future

  The University of Toronto currently owns stock in 200 fossil fuel companies. On October 29, UofT students and fellow environmentalists took action on the streets of UofT’s St. George campus to urge the administration to divest from these fossil fuel companies. The pressing demand for the university to divest from fossil fuels is clearly articulated by the group known as Toronto350, who focus on preserving our environment and fossil fuels. Here are Toronto350’s reasons for the university to consider divesting from fossil fuels: Fossil fuel stocks are one of the least successful stocks to invest in. Studies have...

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Autumn Leaves

My dad’s new house had white walls and a thin layer of snow covering the decaying leaves on the lawn. Inside smelled new, and I felt small.

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Why your vote actually matters

Voting is one of many rites of passage that comes with being an adult, along with purchasing lottery tickets and being responsible for your own life. UofT students took the future in their hands during the first two weeks of October, at the several on-campus voting locations located at 16 Bancroft Avenue, 316 Bloor Street West, and 36 Harbord Street. There, students cast their votes for candidates in the local riding of their hometown. Students have made it clear, by the large numbers of votes they cast, that voting is a valuable right. “I chose to vote because I...

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