Author: Erin Calhoun

Student removes shoes in the library

peers hate him Reportedly, on March 29th, 2017, a student removed his pair of Blundstones in the EJ Pratt Library. Those around him served dirty looks.   The student, who will remain unnamed, is double majoring in Economics and Political Science and believes he “deserves a break.” The student claims “nobody said anything to me so I’m sure they don’t mind.”   In fact, several students claimed that the stench of feet was not the only distracting thing about this one student: “His music was also super loud. I tried to get his attention by coughing, but he was playing a Father John Misty song so loud from his headphones that you could hear it across the library probably. It just seemed hopeless,” one student in the library claims.   Other students contested on behalf of the shoeless student. “The library says no food or drink; I don’t get why anyone would care if someone took their shoes off.” The consulted student was also caught with his shoes off in Robarts Library in the previous month.   Librarians and student employees feel that the existing rules have been suitable, but new ideologies have challenged their basic understandings of library etiquette. A librarian at EJ Pratt claims “I did not ever think I would have to tell a student to put his shoes back on in a public space.”   The well-used, brown, faded Blundstones lay several feet underneath and away from the student’s cubicle, perpetrating the space of another student studying. The student’s...

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