Author: Erik Preston

Folks, Folks, Folks: We Have a New Board Structure

Whether through social media, casual conversations about student politics over lunch, or even through this paper, we have all heard in one way or another about the board structure problem that has plagued our student union for the past year. On Wednesday, November 18th, this issue was resolved. An overwhelming majority ratified the  proposal put forward by Khrystyna Zhuk and Daman Singh this past Wednesday. But highlighting the events of the AGM, despite how entertaining it was, is not the purpose of this article. Vic’s efforts in finding a board structure that complies with the Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporations Act...

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UTSU: What’s Next?

The UTSU’s Annual General Meeting ended without a new board structure in place, thereby continuing the UTSU’s non-compliance with the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. After two years’ worth of negotiations among campus groups and three different board structure proposals, the question that remains is: What comes next? “A lot of people have been asking that recently—are certain divisions on campus just fundamentally different from each other? … Maybe there should be a conversation about how to further parcel out representation in the UTSU. But right now, that’s not a productive topic,” VUSAC Co-President Ben Atkins said in an interview. “The only way forward, to preserve our union, is to improve it. And the way to do that is to pass the proposal that has already been elected by the majority of students.” The selected board structure, proposed by Khrystyna Zhuk and Daman Singh, was expected to pass both election and ratification votes after months of development and negotiations from not only St. George campus groups, but also representatives from UTM. The proposal passed the election vote, which required a simple majority, but did not pass the ratification vote, which required a two-thirds supermajority. UTSU’s representation of over 44,000 undergraduate and professional faculty students, within seven different colleges and two different campuses means that many interests are at play, which has made the selection and ratification of a new board...

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No New Board Structure: UTSU AGM Largely a Failure

On October 8 in the OISE auditorium, the UTSU Annual General Meeting convened with a great deal of anticipation. For the second year in a row, a vote to change the board structure of the student government representing all 47,000 full- and part-time undergraduate and professional faculty students was to take place, with two proposals hitting the floor for a vote. The board structure proposal, put forth by Khrystyna Zhuk and Daman Singh, was elected by a margin of 607-529 with support from the vast majority of St. George campus students and their student governments. However, when it came to ratification of the new structure, the two-thirds majority which was needed was not achieved. The major addition outlined in their proposal was the creation of six general equity director positions, to be elected by a university-wide electorate, as well as continued proportional representation for colleges and professional faculties. “It’s a nice hybrid, making sure people who are connected to their college and the college itself, which has its own resources, are properly represented, as well as people who may not be connected with their college but can connect through these marginalized groups and general equity directors,” said VUSAC Co-President Gabriel Zoltan-Johan, speaking on the merits of the Zhuk/Singh proposal. Zoltan-Johan and his co-president, Benjamin Atkins, were involved in the proposal’s creation. Through amendments on the floor, several new positions...

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