Author: Joshua Kim

The definitive playlist to blast as you walk out of your final exam

  I don’t know about you, but it is always around this time of the year that I become quite tired of university. What’s keeping me going though is the thought of walking out of my last exam later this April: triumphantly leaving another year of school behind and entering a summer of well-deserved rest. I’m sure you’ve imagined this as well.  Listed below is a playlist of songs to soundtrack that anticipated moment of cathartic release. Enjoy.   That’s What I Like (Remix) – Bruno Mars, PARTYNEXTDOOR Crew (feat. Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy) – Goldlink Slide (feat. Frank Ocean, Migos) – Calvin Harris American Teen – Khalid Adore You (feat. Abhi Dijon) – NAO Pop Thieves – Childish Gambino Scared Money – NxWorries (Anderson...

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SCENE 1: Average Conversations With New Acquaintances

FADE IN: INT. NON-DISCRIPT, WHITE-DOMINATED SOCIAL CIRCLE – DAY NEW ACQUAINTANCE Where are you from? JOSHUA braces himself for the familiar conversation; JOSHUA is fro m British Columbia. NEW ACQUAINTANCE No, no, where are you ACTUALLY from? JOSHUA explains that he was born in Canada, but his parents are from Korea. NEW ACQUAINTANCE Oh, you’re Korean?! Wow, I would’ve never guessed!! Usually I’m really good at guessing what kind of Asian Asians are. NEW ACQUAINTANCE has been alright so far, but this is a bit troublesome. JOSHUA kindly laughs it off, no one is perfect. NEW ACQUAINTANCE Totally thought you were Chinese! Haha! NEW ACQUAINTANCE dissolves into awkward eye contact. NEW ACQUAINTANCE So like… What do you think of North Korea? Wait, you’re from the South right? JOSHUA give an answer that’s curt but appropriate, letting NEW ACQUAINTANCE know that no, we are not all North Koreans. NEW ACQUAINTANCE Oh cool, cool… Dude, you’re so lucky, you must have Korean BBQ ALL THE TIME. Man, it’s sooo good!! NEW ACQUAINTANCE I don’t know about Kimchi, though… JOSHUA agrees of course, but lets NEW ACQUAINTANCE know that Korean cuisine has much more to offer than just sizzling meat on a hot pan. JOSHUA waits for inquiries about dog meat to come up, but until then he smiles. BLACK...

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