Author: Celeste Yim

On Stage, No One Can Touch Carol Zoccoli

On stage, no one can touch Carol Zoccoli Words by celeste yim Photo by elena senechal-Becker An ESL comedian’s lesson about power and perfectionism In a creative field, there are at once many and no requirements for success. No one knows the secret to becoming a famous comedian, but it certainly might help to be funny, be brave, and speak English. For Carol Zoccoli, a comedian from Brazil, learning all three was the first step she took to becoming a Canadian resident; being one of the country’s best comedians came second. For young comedians like me, having role models...

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NEOPETS NEWS: The White Feminists of Faerieland

“Lying in a crater on the surface of Neopia sits a colossal mass of rock, stretching tens of miles in every direction. Resting atop that rock is a vast, recovering city that has been home to Neopia’s faeries for as long as anyone can remember… Faerieland!” This is the description that, among other claims, makes the Faeries’ casual brand of ignorance so insensitive. Neopian Faeries are a great example of why self-involved, privileged, white Neopets have drawn a line between themselves and NOCs (Neopets of colour) within the feminist movement. Faeries are so distant from Neopian reality that, to them, it is good enough to have been inhabitants in Neopia “for as long as anyone can remember,” when in reality they are an essential cog in a system which oppresses the majority of female Neopets and NOCs. Why do Faeries feel so often that they must insert themselves into the narratives of all Neopians in the first place? Just because the Wheel of Excitement is arguably the most profitable wheel in all of Neopia does not mean that I want to explain how the Healing Springs’ “healing powers” are culturally appropriative and that their ancestors probably stole them from Tyrannia many Kreludors ago whenever I visit it. To any Faeries reading this, did you ever consider why Brucey B —whose family clearly ascends from Terror Mountain—spends all his days...

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Breaking news headlines round up: The 2016 American Election edition

America To Credit/Non-Credit Recent Election by John Richardson   Every White Person I Talk To Turns Out To Be Slightly Racist by Celeste Yim   Theatre No Longer A Safe Space For Presidents, say Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln by Peter Gatti   I No Longer Feel Safe by People of Colour   I No Longer Feel Safe by Queer and Trans People   I Do Not Care Other Peoples’ Safety At All by Cis White People   My Opinion Is A Very Important Opinion by Your Facebook Friends   You Don’t Know Anything And I Know Everything, You Illiterate Idiot by Guys At Social Events   Not All Trump Supporters Are Racist by White Dudes   Not All Trump Supporters Are Trump Supporters? Did You Ever Think About That? by White Dudes   Get Over It by White Dudes   Anyways, You’re Pretty Hot. Do You Want To Go Out Sometime? by White Dudes   I Am Going To Take A Long, Warm Bath by Hillary Rodham...

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