Author: Bronwyn Nisbet-Gray

Alternative Oscar categories

It’s that time of year when people get really into the outcome of award shows. In their current incarnation, however, the Oscars and Golden Globes lack some integral categories. So, when watching in February, take note of these newly-added yet vital awards. Actor Least Likely To Win “Best Actor” Despite Numerous Past Nominations: Leonardo DiCaprio Peter O’Toole Edward Norton Johnny Depp Favourite to Win: Peter O’Toole. He’ll probably get an honourary award when he dies. Sorry Leo, you can’t even win this one. Presenter Most Likely to Screw Up the Pronunciation of Someone’s Name: Ryan Gosling Drunk Ricky Gervais...

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On Repeat: My Life in TV Intros

Having Arthur as a daily constant became very important to me, as did its unwaveringly upbeat messages. The idea of being normal became important—Arthur was a lesson in staying the same, in dealing with life’s big problems in small, manageable pieces.

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Camera & Corruption

J.C. Chandor’s 2014 film A Most Violent Year follows Abel Morales (played by Oscar Isaac) as he negotiates a business deal to purchase an oil terminal located on Brooklyn’s east river. Abel has 30 days from the signing date to pay the cost of the property in full, or risk losing his 40% down payment. However, a criminal investigation brought against Abel’s company, Standard Heating & Oil, complicates his ability to receive traditional bank loans. Abel must then acquire the funds through less conventional (and less legal) means. Abel is an immigrant, a husband to his wife Anna (Jessica Chastain),...

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