Author: Alexandra Scandolo

The Age of the Surprise Album: What a Time to be Alive

In December 2013, Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love abruptly interrupted the routine airplay of holiday songs. On December 13, four years after the release of her studio album 4, and with no follow-up in sight, a two-part visual album under her name was suddenly made available on iTunes without promotion. It immediately debuted at number one on the Billboard and iTunes charts, and it just as quickly became necessary to listen to the album in order to stay up-to-date with the references popping up on social media. The eponymous album was the beginning of a new era for the singer; it...

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Frosh Surprised That 2019 Facebook Group Makes “No Difference” In University

In early March 2015, a Facebook group was created for incoming UofT students to get to know each other prior to Frosh Week. Started by eager upper years, the group has garnered over 8,000 members, becoming a useful forum for students from across the globe to discuss what music they like best and share class schedules. But one first-year student has been shocked to discover that being active on the University of Toronto 2019 group “means absolutely fuck-all in the grand scheme of things.” After pages and pages of shared photos and survey bios, this search for college camaraderie has been discovered not to leave the screen. “I spent weeks thinking of the perfect way to answer these questions to try and appeal to my peers,” answers our source, who wishes to remain anonymous since she just started here and really doesn’t want to make a weird impression. “Do I really want to be the shitty roommate who’s uncool with a late bedtime? How will I cope if my photos peak at a minimal amount of ‘likes’? What if I can’t pull off this practiced persona I’ve envisioned myself being for the next four years?” The Facebook group began as a place to connect for new students and, as it does every year, has shifted from relatable life facts to increasingly panicked questions about course selection and transit. Our...

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