Author: Ainsley Doell

VUSAC elections 2017: Artimes Ghahremani, Vice-President Internal candidate

Photo provided by Artimes Ghahremani The Strand reached out to Artimes Ghahremani, VP Internal candidate for the 2017 VUSAC spring election, to ask about her platform and how she plans to accommodate the sustainability portfolio in lieu of a candidate for the commission.   The Strand: Why are you running for VPI?  Artimes Ghahremani: I knew that I wanted to run for VP Internal this year about halfway through my term as secretary. I spent the last year making small changes around the VUSAC office, both in terms of space and conduct, that ended up having a big impact...

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VUSAC elections 2017: Alexa Breininger, Board of Regents candidate

The Strand sat down with Alexa Breininger, candidate for Board of Regents in the 2017 VUSAC Spring elections, to discuss her candidacy, and her thoughts on the current state of student politics at Victoria College.   The Strand: What is the Board of Regents, and what would your responsibilities be, should you be elected? Alexa Breininger: The Board of Regents is the highest governing body at Vic. It’s actually above the President and the Chancellor; it hires [them]. The board is responsible for a lot of the things at Vic concerning the properties that Victoria University owns, things like that. So,, there is the property committee, campus life committee, committee that deals with alumni affairs, things like that. The student representatives sit on one or two of the subcommittees of the board, and represent the student voice and has a vote on these subcommittees and on the board itself. So it’s just keeping an eye out for  student interests and bringing them up to the board that they wouldn’t know about since the board is made up of people who aren’t as in touch with student life. The role of the student representative is to maintain student interest in the high levels of Victoria University. TS: Why do you feel that you are a good fit for this position specifically? AB: I was on VUSAC this year, which was...

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VUSAC elections 2017: Gabriel Calderon, Commuter Commissioner candidate

Photo provided by Gabriel Calderon The Strand sat down with Gabriel Calderon, Commuter Commissioner candidate in the 2017 VUSAC spring elections.   The Strand: Why did you decide to run for the position of Commuter Commissioner? Gabriel Calderon: I want to run because I am already involved with VOCA, so I see this as a next step, as a challenge, and just because I want to help commuter students out.   TS: Why are you specifically a good fit for this position? GC: I’ve been commuting the past three years, and the fact that I’ve worked with VOCA extensively...

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