Author: Ainsley Doell

VUSAC holds bi-annual town hall

On September 28, the bi-annual VUSAC Elections Town Hall took place in the Cat’s Eye Student Lounge, giving students a chance to meet their student government candidates and get to know them, and their platforms

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VUSAC Fall Elections 2017: Michal Leckie, Sustainability Commissioner Candidate

The Strand sat down with Michal Leckie, candidate for Sustainability Commissioner in the 2017 VUSAC fall election, to talk about her campaign and her experience with sustainability at Victoria College.   The Strand: What does sustainability mean to you? Michal Leckie: I think sustainability means limiting our impact on the environment, and making our presence here not detrimental to our home. Sustainable actions would be ones that decrease the harm that we’re causing.   Why are you the ideal candidate for Sustainability Commissioner? I think what’s really important is just that [all the candidates] are present, and we all have great qualities, and I think that the more people who are like that on the commission the better. So I think whoever is leading the commission is less important than who is on it. But the leader does have some impact, and I think that I would be a good leader because I was on the commission last year, so I have a lot of experience with how the commission and Vic works, and how you can make change here. I know of the sort of things we’ve done in the past, and what we’ve tried to change, specifically what worked and what didn’t work. So I think I’m ready this year to use what I learned last year to continue things that worked great, but also change things...

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